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CFA SHOW June16, 2013
Vladivostok-Artem, RUSSIA

4 All Breed rings

boy VELVETKIST SILVER WIND received 3 finals at his first show
4th Best of Best cat allbreed!!!!!

Наш "Фантик"- boy KOT BEGEMOT FARTOVIY received 4 finals
2nd Best of Best kitten allbreed!!!!!

Наша "Маняша"- KOT BEGEMOT FANTASTICA received 2 finals 

June 10 ,2012 Vladivostok, Russia 

Zenithi Vanquish of Kot Begemot (my cute toothy Tyson )
blue tabby-white persian boy
2 finals at him first show 

CH Malinka Cool Boy (my lovely Teddy bear)
cream-white exotic boy 

* * *

May 20,2012 Vladivostok, Russia show IFA(МФА)

Me, my girl Edner Honey Bee 
- second kitten at show & my friend's daughter

* * *

January 29-30,2011 Moscow, Russia

CH Edner Aristokrat ( my sly Garfield)
red mac tabby exotic LH 



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